IW Organics Goddess Tea BlendIW Organics Goddess Tea Blend
IW Organics Goddess Tea BlendIW Organics Goddess Tea Blend

IW Organics Goddess Tea Blend

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IW Organics Goddess Tea Blend is crafted with the intent to awaken your inner self, specially designed for your mind, body & soul, and embodying both the therapeutic and spiritual aspect of herbal wisdom combined for a beautiful sensory experience.

Vibrant Souls are excited to offer The Goddess Tea Blend within its Lifestyle Range. We are proud to be associated with IW Organics, as they too have aligned principles to increase others positive outcomes in their everyday and in consideration of natural and ethically viable materials and products.

The beautiful Goddess Tea Blend has been intuitively created by IW Organics as part of their Organic Herbal teas. Focussing on ancient plant wisdom, floral notes and ruby pink hues, this tea is both visually mesmerising and beautiful to drink. The herbs used are chosen for their known association with recognised deities across the world.

The Blended herbs selected are combined for a unique infusion designed to promote and encourage divinity:
  • Rose petals – the queen of flowers, used because of their high positive vibrations and beautiful appearance, each symbolises the divine feminine and is associated with the Egyptian goddesses Isis and Aphrodite.
  • Lavender – harvested and sourced by the ancient Egyptians for perfume and incense, this is the Herb of Love bringing a sense of calmness and serenity to the inner self.
  • Chamomile – although associated with the sun gods and masculine energy, throughout ancient times Egyptian women combined chamomile and crushed rose petals to apply to their skin as an intertwined representation of the masculine and Feminine. Used by the ancient Greeks, it was believed to help the female reproductive system.
  • Hibiscus – associated with love, beauty, sensuality and peace, it is adorned by the Hindu goddess Kali who is seen as the manifestation of primordial energy. Otherwise referred to as the supreme mother, she is fearless in the face of fear and recognised for feminine empowerment.
  • Tulsi – used throughout India, this is a sacred herb and known as the queen of herbs or elixir of life. It draws on its reference and association with the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity & well-being, Lakshmi.

To preserve the bioenergetics of the herbal ingredients, the Goddess Tea Blend is purposely homed in an elegant Miron Violet Glass tea canister that can be repurposed or refilled forever.

The Goddess Tea Blend experience

As you drink your tea, visualise reconnecting, reawakening and reclaiming your inner spirit and abundant positive life force.

  • Place 1 heaped tsp in 250ml of boiling water
  • Infuse for approximately 15 mins
  • Strain then sit back, relax and enjoy

For a stronger blend, place 2 heaped tsp in 250ml of boiling water and infuse for 10-15mins.


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