Here at Vibrant Souls, we are always looking for ways to help others select the right products for their intent. We share our knowledge to give you the most beautiful experience with confidence. These buying guides have been put together by us with an aim to give some history, how-to snippets, good practices, and some reasoning behind the quality and choices we made for you and our products.



Learn about our all-natural hand-crafted smudge products, types of smudging, smudging how-to videos, recommended practices and essential smudging tools we believe everyone should have.


Palo Santo

Here you will discover more about this natural timber, how it can be used and how to light it, see our palo santo how-to videos, and complimentary products we believe help.



Did you know we were one of the first to create infused candles? Discover and understand why a Vibrant Souls candle stands out from others, and how to get the most use from your soy candle.


Soul Soaks

Like our candles, Vibrant Souls was one of the first to create infused bath salts. Delve into the multitude of uses, complementary support products, and learn how to indulge the senses on your own or with a partner.



Explore the mystical strength and energy from crystals, their benefits, meanings and uses, how to cleanse a crystal, steps to programming a crystal, and the power of combining crystals for the highest positivity, energy and good vibrations.



Immerse yourself in the divine scents and uses for incense, understand the varying shapes and sizes they come in, build your collection for different moods and purposes, discover the range of holders and burners for every need.

Vibrant Souls continually strives for and supports the change toward eco-friendly reduced carbon footprint, fair trade and labour practices, and local community and resource sustainability. We endeavour to find suppliers aligned with our values and who ensure our products and their elements are all-natural, ethically sourced, and sustainably harvested.

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