This guide will help you have the best outcomes and experience when using our smudging products.

Whether you are completely new to smudging, or want to learn more, the information presented in this guide will help you enhance your next smudging experience.

Smudging has many positive uses to empower and cleanse any person or space, as well as being used worldwide for rituals and ceremonies.

Most people who smudge say they had a strange feeling in this one place or as they entered a room … this unbalanced energy is what we want to remove when smudging. If you feel some bad juju then smudging is the perfect starting place to get rid of it.

Vibrant Souls recognise and offer products for both personal and spatial smudging. Our range ensures you have the ability to cleanse and revitalise thoroughly. Repeat your smudging as often as you like and until you feel the energy lift and the balance restored.

Whether you are completely new to smudging
Smudging has many positive uses to empower and cleanse any person or space
How to use your

Botanical Smudge Stick

How to use your

White Sage Smudge Stick

Types of Smudging
Personal cleansing is the practice of washing away the negativity

Types of Smudging

At Vibrant Souls, we believe Smudging can be classified into 2 main categories:

  1. Personal Cleansing – you, your family, your friends, others
  2. Spatial Cleansing – your home, your vehicle, your workspace, your environment

All Vibrant Souls smudging or cleansing products can be used as often as you like to wash away the bad, uplift and free the mind and spirit to attract good energy.

Personal cleansing is the practice of washing away the negativity, cleansing the mind and restoring your individual balance in everyday life. Watch our videos and read our how-to below, the concept applies to all products that can be lit as everything we craft is infused and empowered with positive energy.

Mist cleansing can also be used in your everyday life. Spray over your body, in your space, at work or in the car … it can be used anywhere for immediate protection and a quick cleanse and lift. You may also want to carry a cleansing potion to attract your desires and repel unwanted energy. We recommend doing personal cleaning at least once daily, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Spatial smudging and cleansing is the most commonly known and practised. This is the traditional practice of creating pure smudge smoke using white sagepalo santobotanicals or natural smudge sticks and fanning the smoke to cleanse. Most people extend this daily by continuously cleansing by burning a smudge blendsmudge candle or incense sticks or cones.

How to Smudge With a Smudge Product

Think back to a time when you have met a person or walked into a room and immediately something felt off … this is the radiation of negative energy you are sensing. You cant always cleanse others or public areas so make sure you are protected by radiating the best energy you can as that off feeling will be your positive energy clashing with the negative.

Smudging is all about sensing the transference of energy, positively restoring and radiating good energy and cleansing any bad or negative energy you have been exposed to or surrounding you. Always listen to your inner knowing (instinct or gut feelings) you will know when it is time to clear yourself, others, and your space.

With any of our Botanical Smudge Sticks, you only need to slightly light the top or end as they produce a good amount of smoke from this alone. Do NOT light too much, the smudge stick may over-burn and be wasted … you want your smudge to smoke and this will mean you get a lot more use out of your Botanical with equal effect.

When fanning with a Smudging Fan, we recommend you use a Lavish Smudge Bowl to hold the smudge or incense in one hand, catch falling embers or waste and free the other hand to use a reverse sweeping motion to push the smoke away from you and your smudge.

Personal Cleansing

If you’re completing a Personal cleansing on someone, find an area that has a good feeling and vibe, is clear enough for them to stand, and has enough room for you to walk around them. Close any windows and doors then have the person stand while closing their eyes and mouth. If it helps you can also dim the room and play some calming music.

Gently light your smudge stick with bowl so it is smouldering and start wafting the smoke to begin cleansing from the head. Have the person breathe in the cleansing smoke with 3 slow, natural breaths through the nose and out through the mouth as you move about the head and arms. Work your way down the body gently fanning to move the cleansing smoke around the person’s body … remembering under armpits, the crotch, and bottom of the feet.

Work your way back up the body to finish above the crown of the head, the energy should have shifted now. Once finished smudging, extinguish your smudge stick or incense or place it in your smudge bowl ready for the next person.

Wait 1 minute then open the doors and windows. Use your smudging fan and fan the person to remove any residual or stagnant energy. Finish with spraying cleansing mist from the crown of the head, lightly showering their outer aura front and back and working down to the feet. Consider also gifting a potion for everyday individual use.

Personal Cleansing

Spatial Cleansing

Close all the windows and open any blinds, cupboards or doors. To cleanse your space, light your smudge stick or incense and liberally waft and push the smudge smoke to fill and cleanse those otherwise unreachable areas. Work your way throughout the space closing the smoke in with the cupboards and doors.

Once you have smudged all rooms and spaces work your way through each again and re-smudge any areas that still feel off. Extinguish your smudge stick or incense. Wait 5 minutes then open all doors cupboards and windows to flush the negative residue.

Allow another 5 minutes then finish with spraying cleansing mist. Walk the space again and if you or the occupant have any sense of negativity then light a smudge candle and burn until the energy lifts.

Spatial Cleansing
Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced

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Superior Quality

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Beautifully Packaged

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