Meet the Owners

Lorraine and Terry met in their 40s, colliding passionately after their first date and falling instantly in love with each other. Like a lot of us these days, their love fostered a beautiful union and merged to form their blended family.

After exploring life and business together, they decided to combine their individual and unique skills and passion. Vibrant Souls became their great love child as an embellishment of all they held close to their hearts.

So let’s get to know them…

Tery and Lorraine

A Bit About Lorraine

Hi, I’m Lorraine, one of the very proud owners of Vibrant Souls.

Wife to Terry and mother to 3 amazing young men, Chevy and the twins Koby and Rory. We also share our crazy life with an Old English sheepdog named Benson and a new German Shepherd rescue puppy called Tallulah.

Like most of you, my days are pretty jam-packed and in the past, I was busy managing two businesses but they just didn’t fulfil my heart so the universe was blocking every aspect of my life. Frustrated and worn out, the universe knew that wasn’t where I was meant to be and it made sure it pulled me back on track.

Following my que from the universe, I returned to my life path and passion and began Vibrant Souls, a business I am super proud of. The beauty that radiates from and goes into the business and our website is truly a reflection of who I am at heart and my inner passion for sharing positive energy, spirituality and well-being with others.

Well I think that’s enough about me for now, feel free to come to our gorgeous shop, call or email and we can chat in person. Thank you so much for being a part of Vibrant Souls, it is with great gratitude and white light I extend the warmest heartfelt and loving welcome to you, I can’t wait to share the journey with you all.

A Bit About Terry

One of the greatest achievements in my life is being the proud father of my son Ethan. Now I also have the honour of being a father to our extended tribe, the boys and our pets.

The moment I met Lorraine, my heart lifted and my soul lightened, I instantly knew I never wanted to let that escape me … she might sometimes tell you I am her little grievance though LOL.

As we quickly grew to love each other we saw how amazing we got along, enjoying life and having fun together so we made the crazy decision to launch Vibrant Souls to share what we thought made a difference in others lives.

Having an extensive business, consulting, finance and IT background I quickly launched into overdrive in an effort to create everything Lorraine could imagine and make it a reality where possible. Like Lorraine, I love everything we do and feel great pride in the extent and level we go to to make a difference. We truly strive to ensure everything is of the best possible standard and is as perfect and luxurious as we can make it.

Integrity, honesty and ethics are fundamental values and drivers for me in business and I knew Vibrant Souls should reflect this in everything we do. It truly is a great blessing to witness the positive impact we have enriching others lives, empowering them in a positive and beneficial way and adding a little brightness to uplift their day.

Every day I am moved to see or meet those whose lives are made better by Vibrant Souls and I thank all those that are a part of it, as customers, recipients or those who simply know about us and our brand.

Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Beautifully Packaged

Beautifully Packaged

At the End of the Day, It’s All About Vibrant Souls

At the End of the Day, It’s All About Vibrant Souls

Vibrant Souls is all about Enriching the Inner You!

Our aim is to promote, channel, and project the very best self-love and protection for you, your loved ones, and your environments always.

Our divine rule of business is to ensure our products and packaging are just as beautiful as each other, promoting an everlasting experience from the moment you see them to well after you have had the pleasure of their use.

Thank you for visiting the Vibrant Souls website, we hope you have a fantastic time exploring, and your life is always filled with love & positive surroundings.

Vibrant Souls Team 

Our Core Value

To maintain Our Brand, Reputation and the Highest Quality above all else, in all our products and dealings, at all times, with no exceptions, it’s all about Enriching the Inner You.

Our Mission

To improve others’ lives, environments, positivity and energy on a daily basis through communicating and making others aware of the ever-growing benefits of wellness by establishing a world renowned Brand and Reputation, setting the Highest Quality and Standard for associated products inspiring beautiful spaces, empowerment, happiness and balance for anyone.

Our Focus and Intent

Vibrant Souls was named and born to represent and be a living collective of like-minded Souls all with a common focus to bring a more positive footprint on other souls.

We want to bring together those whose inner urge and passion are driven toward the wellness and well-being of themselves, others, and the spaces they inhabit throughout every day.

Not only do we believe in all of our products, but we also love them so much that we are compelled to share them with whoever we can, whenever we can. With all of our products, the benefits, as well as the intent of making a positive and everlasting footprint on your Soul, simply makes them something that must be shared.