Min Botanical Smudge Stick for EMFMin Botanical Smudge Stick for EMF
Smudge Stick for EMFSmudge Stick for EMF
Lepidolite crystal used for EMFLepidolite crystal used for EMF

Smudge Stick – EMF Mini Botanical

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The EMF Mini Botanical smudge stick is designed to aid with stripping away and cleansing electromagnetic pollution. Electro Magnetic Fields are also known as EMFs. They are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. An EMF Mini Botanical smudge stick is good for any electronic device such as computers, mobiles, televisions, and tablets to name a few. Lepidolite crystal is combined with the smudge stick as it is a stone of transition, calming and support while the smudge dissipates negativity, and reduces stress and frustration.


Why protect against Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs)?

Due to the large number of electronic devices that are being used every day, there is an increasing amount of EMFs being included and emitted into our environments. With our fast-paced lifestyles and technological advances, we are now moving into a new era as devices are helpful and increasingly a part of our everyday world. However, there are concerns as to the effect EMFs are having on our overall health!

Scientists have found that EMFs can be attributed to a number of symptoms, including:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Ringing in ears
  • Lack Of Concentration
  • Sleep disturbances
  • And many more


Using the EMF Mini Botanical Smudge Stick to Neutralise EMFs

Lepidolite crystals can be used in numerous ways to protect yourself and your loved ones by simply placing a piece in front of or in the vicinity of an electronic item, or on the item itself. Because crystals vibrate at unique frequencies and have the ability to neutralise and balance energy fields they are a perfect tool against unwanted and negative sources of energy.

Our Botanical Smudge Stick is 100% handmade then Reiki charged to purify your atmosphere & disperse any negativity in your life. Using these naturally dried floral smudge sticks, you cleanse the old, remove blocked energy, and purify your environment, mind, body, and spirit to expel negativity. This cleansing process of smudging makes you feel revitalised, uplifted, balanced, and more self-empowered because everything is about the energy of your surroundings.


Using a Botanical Smudge Stick

Each of our EMF Mini Botanical Smudge Sticks contains Lavender and Premium California White Sage that is sustainably grown on private land and very carefully collected to preserve these sacred plants. All the flowers we incorporate are sourced with a preference for being organic or unsprayed and grown locally, with the added beauty of being infused with essential oils during the process of your making your botanical.

A Vibrant Souls Botanical Smudge Stick consists of the following main elements:

  • Rose – The perfect complementary element for promoting calmness, love, and relaxation. Working in harmony they bind, clear, and enrich the whole body, and the 7 chakras, allowing a full holistic flow of energy.
  • Lavender – Calms the mind, relieving stress, and tension. It is a natural relaxant used to promote tranquillity, peace, and healing while also being an antidepressant used to alleviate stress, anxiety, or nervousness to bring back sound sleep, and relax your mind and body into tranquillity and stillness.
  • Strawflowers – represent innocence and purity, luck, longevity, and protection as well as signifying transition, they also represent durability because they are generally tough.
  • Thyme –  Is excellent for removing obstacles, mental blocks, and negative feelings.
  • White Sage – The undertone, bringing the spice of purification, strength, and protection. It works to promote your inner intent and cast away anything unwanted for you and your space.
  • 100% Cotton Yarn – this beautiful yarn we use is 100% cotton which is non-toxic when burnt.

When smudging and burning sage, with our botanical smudge stick, you only need to slightly light the tip of one end, meaning you get the maximum use and results when you smudge. Quickly and gently blow out the flame so it reveals the orange smoldering embers and not a flame. This method will ensure the safest approach and produce a good amount of cleansing smoke. To view our video on how to use your Botanical Smudge Stick please click here How to use a Botanical Video.

We always recommend you use a suitable smudging bowl like the Lavish Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz with its special grip arm that allows you to manage the ash, and your smudge and provides our fire-proof smudging quartz for extinguishing.

Instruction Card and Positive Affirmation Smudging Chant

Our Botanical Smudge Stick includes instructions and a Positive Affirmation Smudging Chant for you to confirm your intentions, so you know how to energetically clear your space with sage.


  • Approximate Size: 12cm (L) x 4cm (W)
  • These are handmade and variations of shape and size occur


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