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Incense Cones

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Vibrant Souls Hand Rolled Incense Cones are a beautiful way of cleansing any space while lifting the energy and restoring a positive, relaxed vibe, no matter where your Hand Rolled Incense Cones are kept or burnt, the allure and attraction of its subtle scent are apparent.

Every one of these beautiful Hand Rolled Incense Cones is hand-rolled in India. Each is derived from natural pure extracts and fine scented oil to empower and cleanse the soul. They are held together by sandalwood oil and a number of other fragrant gums as a chemical-free alternative that decreases the burn rate to ensure the incense lasts longer.

If you want to take it to a whole new level then you can use incense within our Classic Manifesting Collection for rituals, or with our Crystal Energy Smudging Fans, healing Botanical Soul Soaks, for prayers, and meditation.

  • 14 Cones packaged in a cute reusable glass jar
  • 1 cone burning base
  • Individual cones are 3cm high
  • Approximate burn time is 20 minutes per cone
  • Jar Dimensions: 9cm (H) x 6cm (W)


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