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What is smudging and why you should be doing it today!

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Here is a simple way I love to explain it to people …

Imagine energy is like dirt and you are covered in it and it’s all over you.  Now think of that amazing feeling you get after a nice hot shower or bath at the end of long or trying day … ahhhh,  your clean, fresh, and revitalized again right ?

That’s the same feeling your space and environments have after a good smudging.

Energy is just like dirt in that it falls off us onto everything around us

Have you ever had an ‘off ’ feeling when you enter a certain space, or room, or sit on a piece of furniture that just doesn’t feel right, but can’t put your finger on why ?

There will always be that space or object or environment, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, that you can recall getting this uneasy feeling or dragged down sensation from, and that is negative or residual energy.

Some people are more open to feeling energy than others, but whether you can feel it or not, it is there and it’s having an impact on your life

Ever had trouble selling a home of got a “Bad Vibe” from a house !!!

I’ve had many real estate agents over the years tell me they can’t sell a particular house for no apparent reason.  ” Despite potential buyers claiming to love the property, there is “ just something about it i can’t explain, it doesn’t make sense. ”

One agent told me of a house, where the couple selling it were in the middle of a very bitter and nasty divorce.  The police had been called to the house on several occasions and the couple literally hated each other. They pleaded to know ” what can i do to lift the space. “

Well … guess what … no surprises here – it was the negative energy that everyone was picking up on, they just didn’t realise it.  We advised the agents on how to cleanse the negative energy from the houses through smudging.

The first home sold within days and the agent extremely happy

The couple calmed, moving all, one step closer to closure and a new start

Smudging can be done as much, and often, as you like. We do it all the time

Never move into a home or occupy a space without smudging first !

You simply don’t know the history of the surroundings or physical elements, nor that of the past occupants if there were any … even if you think you do, who really knows what goes on behind closed doors or what happen in that spot years, decades or centuries ago ?

A new or refurbished build, even one that no one has occupied yet, is filled with all the transient and residual energy of every single person or thing that has been associated, in contact with or moved through it while being built, delivering goods etc.

Lorraine will smudge everyone of us and every piece of furniture when leaving or entering a new home or space for the family as well as the Vibrant Souls spaces.

Yes, our removalists love her, after a day of chatting and explaining to them what she is doing, let us tell you – they all go home with a smudge stick LOL !

Every space should be happy, welcoming, inviting and a pleasure to be in. In return all that positivity and clean uplifting energy will radiate to lift those who enter it and raise their spirits making them feel warm and relaxed and comfortable.

Smudge beautiful people Smudge !

What do you have to lose – v – What you have to gain

Love & White Light
the Vibrant Souls Team

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