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Vibrant Souls Nurturing Range

Vibrant Souls Nurturing Range

Vibrant Souls Nurturing Range is a collection of personalized products and gifts for your daily life, special occasions, and pampering your soul and surroundings. It is all about Enriching the Inner You and others lives through elegance and indulgence promoting relaxation, revitalization, allure, seduction, and harmony.

Our Nurturing Range is about nurturing and uplifting our Soul. It is quintessential, like the air that we breathe. At the very core of our being is our soul so we need to maintain its health and balance through easy daily practices. The soul shapes our character, but how much positive attention does your soul receive in the course of a day? 

Feeding our souls, nurturing them, and keeping us spiritually healthy is just as important as feeding our physical selves.

Unfortunately for most, it’s easy to forget this in everyday life and take your soul for granted.

Nurturing Your Soul with our Nurturing Range

Whenever you feel tired or empty, it’s a sign that your soul needs some Nurturing and Uplifting. If possible, don’t let things get to that point, check mental and emotional awareness that indicates you are feeling down, discouraged, and unfocused.

By nurturing your soul you improve the quality of life, and the signals you send to others, your life feels full. Being in a joyful state connects you to the creative power of the universe. You operate at a higher vibrational frequency which then attracts the same energy and positivity back to you. 

Nurturing your soul involves being present in your body and creating balance and flow through your personal energy system (aura, energy channels, chakras, mind, and spirit).

Doing things like taking a beautiful bath, meditating with sound, drawing on crystals and candles, and seeking spiritual counseling are all investments in yourself. The more you Enrich yourself to harness happiness and positivity the more fulfilled you will be.

Grounding and Balance with our Nurturing Range

A key part of Nurturing yourself is grounding and balancing.

Nurturing through Grounding

This refers to us reconnecting with ourselves and essentially replanting our roots, be it mentally or metaphysically. It is about coming back down to earth, simplification, and clarity.

Nurturing for Balance

This refers to us removing the chaos and negativity that we perceive is surrounding us or driving us every day. It is about making the mental and physical changes to restore control and evenness.

Nurturing Practices

Below are some simple everyday practices for when you want or feel the need to ground and balance yourself:

  • Nurturing through Touch – go outside barefoot and place your feet in touch with the earth, it will immediately ground you mentally and restore confidence, assurance, focus, and belonging.

  • Nurturing through Smell – light a scented Candle, Incense or Smudge and indulge in a fragrant Soul Soak to mentally and physically ground and balance to calm and soothe the body, mind, and soul.

  • Nurturing through Sight – whether it be eyes open or envisioning, the power of actual sight and images and experience recalled from your subconscious or via meditation all help to ground and restore balance.

  • Nurturing through Objects – use aids like candles and crystals to tap into their unique and mystical benefits to bring you to a better place mentally and physically.

Most importantly be present at that moment … if you’re feeling it then you in the groove.

It doesn’t matter what form of nurturing you prefer or if you mix them all to achieve the best outcome, these practices help support you in reflections and knowing who you are and what you need to do in order to create balance and flow in your life.


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