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Vibrant Souls Candles Range

Vibrant Souls Candles Range

Vibrant Souls Enchanting Soy Candles are handmade crystal-infused soy candles that have been programmed with positive intentions and heartfelt love then sealed with Reiki Energy for your soul. Divine and luxurious in appearance, they are available in our 6 primal intents because everything we do is about empowerment you while creating love, and good intent in your life.

All the candles in the range are specially formulated with a handcrafted blend of high-quality soy wax, dried organic natural flowers, raw crystals, and chosen fragrance to work harmoniously together and promote their intent, and formulated to perfection and for extended burning times.

Because it’s all about Enriching the Inner You, our candles focus on combining luxury and elegance and binding that to our intent range to promote the natural beauty of candlelight with your goals and desires.

Vibrant Souls Enchanting Candles

Whether you are looking to empower or relax the body, mind, soul, or your environment, you can do whatever you desire with these elegant candles of embedded crystals, flowers, and scents to be at peace.

Vibrant Souls handmade Enchanting Soy Candles are programmed with positive intentions and heartfelt love to help uplift your spirit. All you have to do is light it up and open your senses to its beauty. If you wish, read the white light spell and confirm your intentions to the universe.

Light your soy candle to lift a room and add a subtle scent. Use in conjunction with our beautiful Soul Soaks during a relaxing bath to truly escape. Add them as part of your meditation or prayer or simply have them as an enabler for the intent you desire.

You can use our stunning candles anytime, in any space (sacred or not) to promote good vibrations, cleansing energy, olfactory healing, love, and well-being.  

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