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Soul Soak Information

Vibrant Souls Soul Soak Information

Vibrant Souls Soul Soak Information is all about us helping you get the best possible experience and enjoyment from your Botanical Soul Soak.

Relax and calm the mind and spirit. Unmeasurable yet powerful, this will benefit you, those around you, and your immediate atmosphere.

Our Soul Soak is unlike any other infused with Crystals, Organic Flowers, and scents. All soul soaks are elementally crafted to promote their intent. We have formulated each to promote and draw on the blend of elements to benefit you.

All Vibrant Souls soak products link to this information so you never have to guess what you’re doing.

We hope to help everyone by sharing this Soul Soak Information and making it easy for all.

Cleansing with your Soul Soak

Use abundantly within any bath, treatment, or throughout any room to boost your soul and space with love and gratitude.

Vibrant Souls Soul Soak can be used as part of a ceremony or ritual, just combine with warm water as an infused cleansing wash or anointment. Use as a body scrub by mixing with your desired base and combining the Soul Soak elements to gently smooth and cleanse the body.

Improve and cleanse your space by sprinkling the raw elements on a protected surface to naturally draw negative and impure elements from the air and your environment.

Cleanse and bath with salts to have a positive effect on a spiritual, mental, and emotional level. Remove the negative elements you may be carrying and wash away to open the way for positive experiences and clarity.

Compliment your Experience

Like most of our products, we work hard to ensure they work together to achieve the ultimate pleasure and indulgence.

Our Enchanting Soy Candles are the perfect partners for your Soul Soak and come in varying forms for all spaces, use and burn times:

Botanical Soul Soak and Collections

Vibrant SoulsCollections Range is an indulgent combination of complementary products beautifully assembled to work with each other.

Maybe you want to spoil yourself in an immersive experience in the bath, partner your candles with a Botanical Soul Soak as a perfect accompaniment.


Our Products and the Environment

Where possible, our products are all-natural, ethically sourced, and harvested materials.

Just for You

Should you desire a custom collection for your wedding, gifts, special events, or other ceremonies then please email or contact us so we can fulfil your dreams. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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