Vibrant Souls Smudging QuartzVibrant Souls Smudging Quartz

Smudging Quartz

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Vibrant Souls Smudging Quartz is a high quality, fine, black crushed natural quartz, that has been triple washed chosen especially by us for you to use with any smudging product or smudging collection for a safe bed to catch falling ash as well as an excellent extinguisher or fire-proof resting bed for your smudging element.

Because of the glistening appearance of this beautiful natural element, it adds to promote and highlight the beauty of your chosen bowl or shell that homes Vibrant Souls Smudging Quartz as well as provide a glamourous backdrop to make any smudge stick, smudging botanical, palo santo or incense stick pop.

Use your Vibrant Souls Smudging Quartz as a perfect clean refill for your Classic Smudge Bowl or Lavish Smudge Bowl otherwise, it can be a new replacement to protect your existing smudge bowl, shell or container as well as an upgrade to simple sand.

Our smudging quartz comes in its own black sash bag and the following sizes:


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