Vibrant Souls Smudge Soy CandleVibrant Souls Smudge Soy Candle
Vibrant Souls Smudge Soy CandleVibrant Souls Smudge Soy Candle

Candle – Smudge Cloche

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These beautiful Vibrant Souls Smudge Soy Candle are handmade soy candles that have been programmed with positive intentions and heartfelt love then sealed with Reiki Energy for your protection. Made with 100% pure clary sage essential oil as well as ground, sustainably wild-harvested white sage with an average burn time of 50 hours.

We designed this subtle candle to be perfect within your office, giving all the benefits without smoking out your co-workers, or light these candles in any space (sacred or not) to promote good vibrations, cleansing energy, olfactory healing, love, and well-being. Burn your Smudge Candle for long-term cleansing and or as part of any smudging and cleansing practice.

  • Smudge Cloche Dimensions: 14cm (H) x 9cm (W)
  • Box Dimensions: 15cm (H) x 10cm (W)


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