Sensuality Soy Candle - Glamour CupSensuality Soy Candle - Glamour Cup
Vibrant Souls Sensuality Soy Candle - Glamour CupVibrant Souls Sensuality Soy Candle - Glamour Cup
Vibrant Souls Mixed Soy Candle - Glamour CupVibrant Souls Mixed Soy Candle - Glamour Cup

Candle – Sensuality Glamour Cup

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Vibrant Souls Sensuality Soy Candle Glamour Cup is a handmade scented, crystal-infused soy candle that has been programmed with positive intentions and heartfelt love then sealed with Reiki Energy for your soul. Divine and luxurious in appearance used to bring grounding, healing, and sexual expression with an individual candle burn time of approximately 17 hours.


Jasmine and Red Jasper

Used to induce sexual desire and restore the mental, emotional and physical responses necessary for sexual arousal.

The jasmine is commonly used to treat sexual dysfunction (in women, the inability to enjoy sexual contact or to achieve orgasm. In men, the same two conditions as well as the difficulty in achieving or maintaining erection and lack of ejaculation). This unique fragrance is capable of leading us into brighter worlds of fantasy and sensuality.

We chose Red Jasper Crystal as it is associated with awakening desires deep within. This stone invigorates the libido and prolongs sexual excitement. It energizes and cleanses the sexual chakras and their related organs. This stone is especially useful for increasing virility in men. Red Jasper can help ignite passionate love. These stones will increase sex drive, enhance sensitivity, and increase intimacy and trust in your relationship.

Included is a Crystal Card & Sensuality Spell – If you wish, read the white light spell and confirm your intentions to the universe as often as you feel the need or desire.

Sensuality is the sixth in our range of 6 core intents.

  • Candle Dimensions: 4.5cm (H) x 5cm (W)
  • Box Dimensions: 8cm (L) x 5.5cm (H) x 7.5cm (W)
  • Please specify your choice of Intents in the checkout notes if you have selected “Mixed 4pk”


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