Vibrant Souls Palo Santo BundleVibrant Souls Palo Santo Bundle
Vibrant Souls Palo Santo BundleVibrant Souls Palo Santo Bundle
Vibrant Souls Palo Santo BundleVibrant Souls Palo Santo Bundle

Palo Santo Bundle

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Looking for a NON-SAGE alternative, Palo Santo is renowned for its complex scent and associated benefits including energy cleansing, healing, and spiritual purifying. Our Palo Santo bundle is a beautiful yet simple binding of 3 individual Palo Santo sticks. Using these naturally dried timbers, you cleanse the old, remove blocked energy, and purify your mind, body, and spirit to expel negativity. This cleansing process makes you feel revitalized, uplifted, balanced, and more self-empowered because after all, everything is about you, your vibes, and the energy of your surroundings.

Vibrant Souls Palo Santo bundle is sealed with lavender, baby’s breath, and a preserved flower, then carefully bound with a luxurious ribbon. All the flowers we incorporate are sourced with a preference for being organic or unsprayed and grown locally, with the added beauty of being infused with essential oils during the making of your Palo Santo Bundle.

We are proud to work directly with a supplier who takes the utmost care in the collection of our Palo Santo. Our Palo Santo wood is naturally harvested from a community in Northern Peru that replants thousands of saplings of Palo Santo each year. As it is illegal to cut Palo Santo trees down, only trees that have fallen naturally are collected. Our supplier follows a strict system of checks and balances to ensure all rules and laws are followed when making Palo Santo sticks.

A Palo Santo bundle consists of the following main elements:

  • Palo Santo – Known as holy wood, has long been used for its completely unique scent. Holy wood is renowned for its use in ceremonies, as well as for its health benefits and therapeutic cleansing.
  • Baby’s Breathe – is a delicate floral known for its ability to enhance spirituality and boost immunity.

When smudging and burning Palo Santo, it takes some time to light the tip of one end so you get the maximum use and results when you smudge. Take one stick from the palo santo bundle, light, then gently blow out the flame so it reveals the orange smoldering embers and not a flame. This method will ensure the safest approach and produce a good amount of cleansing smoke. A palo santo stick burns fairly slowly, releasing a rich, inviting, woodsy scent with citrus undertones. It has a masculine/yang aspect that can bring forth wisdom and clarity as it increases your spiritual awareness. To view our video on how to use your Palo Santo stick please click here.

Instruction Card and Positive Affirmation Smudging Chant

Our Palo Santo Bundle includes instructions and a Positive Affirmation Smudging Chant for you to confirm your intentions, so you know how to energetically clear your space with sage.


  • Approximate size: 10cm long per stick
  • Each bundle is approximately 17g total of palo santo

1 review for Palo Santo Bundle

  1. Anne Machura

    Beautifully presented. I love your Palo Santo so much, it’s earthy smell and knowing how you source it means you are my only go to.
    Thank you Vibrant Souls x

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