Vibrant Souls Lux Water BottleVibrant Souls Lux Water Bottle
Vibrant Souls Lux Water BottleVibrant Souls Lux Water Bottle
Vibrant Souls Lux Water BottleVibrant Souls Lux Water Bottle

Water Bottle – Lux

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Vibrant Souls Lux Water Bottle is perfect for those who want to feel amazing and hydrate in style, and as a special gift for someone, you know who will just rock the look with it in hand.

Staying hydrated helps you maintain your glow and a healthy natural look so of course doing it with a shimmering Lux Water Bottle will make you shine and feel even more beautiful, after all, it’s all about the energy and vibe you project.

If you really want to make a statement, impress others or just feel fantastic about yourself all the time, be prepared for all occasions and partner your Lux Water Bottle with a Lux Travel Cup.

With its large mouth, you can add iceblocks or fruit or store your favourite sneaky cocktail for a revitalizing pour later. Sturdy and safe to use with almost anything, the Vibrant Souls Lux Water Bottle is hand washable and easy to clean to maintain or restore its goddess-like appearance.

Like all of our products we have strived for the best, and the Vibrant Souls Lux Water Bottle is no different. Manufactured from premium medical and food-grade 316 stainless steel, it is insulated to keep both warm and cool contents at a constant temperature for quite some time.

A must-have accessory for any occasion!  If you’re heading out, the Lux Water Bottle is sure to catch others’ eyes, any woman can be glamorous when they’re carrying this beautiful, sparkly gem! Taking you from day to evening, it’s the perfect blend of style and luxury, whether you’re wearing your gym gear or a little black dress.

Immaculately boxed it comes with a Vibrant Souls Unleash Your Awesome keychain to enhance your vibe and look.

  • The bottle is 26.5cm (H) x 9.0cm (W) with over 4000 crystals infused with glass technology for longevity
  • 750ml (25oz) double-wall vacuum insulation
  • 12 – 24 hours hot or cold temperature storage
  • 100% BPA and BPS Free
  • FDA and LFGB approved
  • Box Dimensions: 27.0cm (L) x 9.0cm (H) x 9.5cm (W)

1 review for Water Bottle – Lux

  1. Ruby Gillie

    OMG I’m so in love ❤️
    I get asked everywhere I go where I got my bottle from, everyone love it. I’m so in love I’ve just ordered the matching cup, can’t wait for it to arrive 💖💖💖

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