Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection
Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Abundance Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Abundance
Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Devotion Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Devotion
Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Manifest Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Manifest
Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Protection Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Protection
Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Sensuality Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Sensuality
Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Tranquillity Vibrant Souls Loving Me Collection - Tranquillity

Loving Me Gift Collection

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The stunning Loving Me Gift Collection is a beautiful gift box of natural, handcrafted products, and a sound meditation designed to invoke a beautiful sensory experience while cleansing your energy and promoting positive thoughts.

Vibrant Souls Loving Me Gift Collection is focused on our Intent Range with each collection including the following products, all elegantly wrapped in our signature ribboned box:

    • Botanical Smudge Stick – Cleanses out old, negative energy, and purifies the mind, body, and spirit. This exclusive Clear Quartz Botanical allows you to attract more love, happiness, and amplify energy and thoughts.
    • Lavish Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz – Perfectly designed for it to be easy for you to hold in your hand, underneath your burning smudge stick. Use it to rest your smudge stick while moving or catch falling debris and ash as you smudge your spaces.
    • Enchanting Soy Candle Cloche  – This gorgeous 50 hour burn time candle has been programmed with positive intentions and heartfelt love then sealed with Reiki Energy to help uplift your spirit. Lighting the scented candle and setting your intention is a powerful way to draw the intention to focus on your dreams with clarity to draw them into your life.
    • Botanical Soul Soak – Draw a beautiful bath and escape while you immerse your body in the perfect blend of salts and love. Worship and nourish yourself, or enjoy with a partner while cleansing your aura.
    • Goddess Tea – Ancient plant wisdom, floral notes, and ruby pink hues this tea is visually mesmerizing and beautiful to drink over and over again. The herbs have been picked because of their association with the goddess, merging spiritual & therapeutic aspects of herbal wisdom. IW Organics Goddess Tea has been intuitively blended with the intention to awaken the goddess within you.
    • Blossom Incense Holder – is an elegant and beautiful holder selected for its subtle but alluring shape and its versatility to hold any hand-rolled incense sticks, jumbo incense sticks or coiled incense.
    • Hand Rolled Incense Sticks – A beautiful way of cleansing any space while lifting the energy and restoring a positive, relaxed vibe. This Collection has Frankincense incense sticks included, each is derived from natural pure extracts and fine scented oil to empower and cleanse the soul.  Frankincense is a fresh, fruity, and slightly woody fragrance.
    • Sound Meditation – exclusivity created for Vibrant Souls, immerse yourself in a beautiful 20 minute sound meditation to relax your mind and body. Using this meditation can help shift frequencies from low energy like guilt and fear to higher vibrations of love and joy through a combination of vocal and instrumental sounds.
    • Enchanting Potion – A stylish crystal roll-on infused with natural crystals, stunning organic florals, and 100% essential oils, designed for you to use throughout the day to help draw your intentions into your mind’s eye or keep next to your bed to use at night. This beautiful potion is about binding your physical with your consciousness to harness and promote your intent, invoking your subconscious, and tantalizing your senses.
    • Crystal Massage Wand Massage Mushroom – Another shining star of this indulgent collection of self-love. Use to stimulate blood flow and circulation on your face. This wonderful tool will restore and smooth the fine lines and wrinkles. The increased circulation on the skin will give your skin a healthy glow and plump appearance.
    • Crystal Massage Wand – This 4-inch wand is perfect to use during meditation, as a massage wand, or in crystal grid work.
    • Dream Believe Receive KeychainBecause we know how important it is for you to see then feel the right words to lift your vibe every single day, we have included our gorgeous Dream Believe Receive Keychain in your collection.  We want you to see these simple yet powerful words every time you or your loved one pick up your keys, glance at them, open the door, start the car, or search your bag as we know it can’t help but bring more positivity into your life.
    • Crystal & Affirmation Card – If you wish, read the white light affirmation and confirm your intentions to the universe as often as you feel the need or desire.
    • Instruction Card and Smudging Chant – How to use your smudge stick instructions included along with Vibrant Souls Smudging Chant. Should you desire, you can use these to confirm your intentions to the universe as you cleanse and revitalize the surrounding energy.

Our Loving Me Gift Collection is a perfect pampering treat or a special gift for someone needing a lift, self-nurturing, or inner love.  Designed to enrich and excite your soul, space, and senses all at once. This collection is pure indulgence, as each element will individually or collectively create the perfect ambience for you.

For more information please click here Why choose our Loving Me Collections Video

  • Box Dimensions: 35cm (L) x 18cm (H) x 24cm (W)

1 review for Loving Me Gift Collection

  1. Lily Hazelwood

    I received this box as a wedding gift from my work colleagues and just had to say thank you for making such beautiful things.

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