Nepalese Himalayan Smudge Stick Nepalese Himalayan Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick – Himalayan

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Our hand-rolled Himalayan Smudge Stick is 100% handmade with love and care. Using these naturally dried herbal smudge sticks, you cleanse the old, remove blocked energy, and purify your mind, body, and spirit to expel negativity. This cleansing process makes you feel revitalized, uplifted, balanced, and more self-empowered because after all, everything is about you, your vibes, and the energy of your surroundings.

Each Himalayan Smudge Stick contains wild foraged herbs gathered from the Himalayan mountainside in Nepal that is sustainably collected to preserve these sacred plants. The herbs are blended using traditional methods in order to soothe the soul and promote healing on all levels. Made in Nepal, this is an incredibly special product, infused with deeply meaningful energy, perfect for many occasions, as a gift, or for personal use.

A Himalayan Smudge Stick consists of the following main elements:

  • Sage – to summon divine energies
  • Camphor – to dispel negative thoughts and spirits
  • Mentha – to bring clarity and insight
  • Sandalwood – to ground chaotic energies and calm the soul

When smudging with our Himalayan Smudge Stick, you only need to slightly light the tip of one end, meaning you get the maximum use and results when you smudge. Quickly and gently blow out the flame so it reveals the orange smoldering embers and not a flame. This method will ensure the safest approach and produce a good amount of cleansing smoke. View our video on How to use a Smudge Stick.

We recommend you always use a suitable smudging bowl like the Lavish Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz. The special grip arm and our fire-proof smudging quartz allow you to manage falling ash, hold your smudge stick while smudging, and extinguish your smudge stick safely.

Instruction Card and Positive Affirmation Smudging Chant

The Himalayan Smudge Stick comes with an additional leaflet that is wrapped around the smudge stick with twine. Each leaflet includes information about the smudge stick, instructions for burning, a mantra, and the gift of Unalome (a Buddhist and Hindu principle that explains humanity’s ultimate life journey from birth to eventual enlightenment) so you know how to energetically clear your space. Our Himalayan Smudge Stick has been created to aid its owner through the chaotic twists and turns that form our human experience and serves as a reminder that each moment brings us closer to the ultimate goal of enlightenment.


  • Approximate Size: 18.5cm (L) x 1cm (W)
  • These are handmade and variations of shape and size occur



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