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A Vibrant Souls Gift Card is for when the decision is just too difficult or your just unsure of what you want to purchase or gift to someone else so you can share the love with others by giving them the choice to select what they want.

Choose any value and our Shop will automatically take you to where you complete the card details. Here you will be able to enter who it’s for, who it’s from, and your own special message. Each card is allocated its own unique code that can only be used once within our checkout.

Vibrant Souls offer the following Gift Card values for you to select from:

$ 25.00
$ 50.00
$ 75.00
$ 100.00
$ 150.00
$ 200.00
$ 250.00
$ 300.00
$ 350.00
$ 400.00
$ 450.00
$ 500.00


Sending a Gift Card

Once your order is paid for at the Checkout, you will receive an email receipt confirming your purchase.

A beautiful Electronic Gift Card will also be emailed to the recipient along with your special message and their secret redemption code.


Redeeming a Gift Card

To use a Vibrant Souls Gift Card, simply add all your items to the cart then proceed to the Checkout. Within the Checkout enter your secret code as a coupon and the order will be reduced by that value of your Gift Card.

Note:  For your personal protection we limit our Gift Card usage on purpose. If you don’t use the full amount within your order just send a quick email and we can assist.

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