Vibrant Souls Crystal Singing BowlVibrant Souls Crystal Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl

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Commonly used for sound healing, spacial cleansing, and meditation, our Crystal Singing Bowls can be used any time, in any space, to help uplift, calm, and revitalise your mind, body, soul, and surroundings.

The Vibrant Souls Crystal Singing Bowl is constructed with frosted pure quartz, resonating @ 432Hz, and specifically sold in 3 standard sizes to be tuned with the following accompanying notes:

  • 12″ singing bowl, tuned in the note of C – Root Chakra (Red)
  • 10″ singing bowl, tuned in the note of E – Solar Plexus (Yellow)
  • 08″ singing bowl, tuned in the note of G – Throat Chakra (Blue)

These beautifully crafted Crystal Singing Bowls also come as a set of 3 complete with a rubber O-ring foot, a rubber gong mallet for drumming, and a rubber playing stick for resonating – everything you need for a powerful, healing sound experience.

To harness the benefits of crystal bowl singing, simply drum your bowl gently (and repeat as needed) at the pace you want to create a low origin tone and vibration. Tap the bowl and run the playing stick around the outside lip, pressing slightly, to increase the pitch and prolong the resonating sound.

Our Crystal Singing Bowl illuminates with natural and coloured light to create a soothing ambience while emitting an expansive range of sounds to promote healing for the body’s deeper tissues, mind, and inner soul.

The Healing Power of Sound

Studies show that sound has a direct impact on the mental, muscular, nervous, digestive, and circulatory systems. Crystal bowl singing creates a range of sounds that can help restore normal vibrational frequency and bring harmony back to your mind, body, and soul.

When practiced regularly, sound therapy with crystal singing bowls is believed to produce vibrations that interact directly with brain waves, supporting an improved state of mindfulness and consciousness and promoting optimal health.

Quartz Crystal is the Master Healer and Amplifier – It binds the body, mind, soul, and your space. Each crystal singing bowl creates notes aligned to particular Chakra centres:

  • The note of C – Root Chakra (Red), to target Physical needs
  • The note of E – Solar Plexus (Yellow), to act with Power and Vitality
  • The note of G – Throat (Red), to communicate and speak with confidence


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