Vibrant Souls Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge StickVibrant Souls Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge Stick
Vibrant Souls Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge Stick - NaturalVibrant Souls Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge Stick - Natural
Vibrant Souls Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge Stick - BoxedVibrant Souls Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge Stick - Boxed

Smudge Stick – Clear Quartz Botanical

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Our Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge Stick is 100% handmade with love and care, then Reiki charged for you to manifest your desires, attract your dreams, and focus your intent. Using these naturally dried floral smudge sticks, you cleanse the old, remove blocked energy, and purify your mind, body, and spirit to expel negativity. This cleansing process makes you feel revitalized, uplifted, balanced, and more self-empowered because after all, everything is about you, your vibes, and the energy of your surroundings.

Each Botanical Smudge Sticks contains Lavender and Premium California White Sage that is sustainably grown on private land and very carefully collected to preserve these sacred plants. All the flowers we incorporate are sourced with a preference for being organic or unsprayed and grown locally, with the added beauty of being infused with essential oils during the process of your making your botanical.

A Clear Quartz Botanical Smudge Stick consists of the following main elements:

  • Clear Quartz – a natural, raw 7-10cm (approx) long Clear Quartz Point Crystal. Drawing on the crystal’s power can offer massive benefits to our lives if we harness their energy. Use to manifest, attract your dreams, and focus your intentions. These gorgeous raw points are a great tool for meditation, healing, and general support, they can also be used to charge other crystals. We chose Clear Quartz for its ability to amplify your energy and thoughts. If your spirit needs illumination, it brings clarity to shadows within the mind. A universal healer, it links to all the chakras to provide balance and harmony, it will help manifest your intentions like never before as it absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy
  • Rose Crown – the perfect complimentary element for promoting calmness, love, and relaxation.  Working in harmony they bind, clear, and enrich the whole body, from the crown to root chakra, allowing a full holistic flow of energy.
  • Mugwort – To help bring about prophecy and divinatory success, mugwort is associated with opening our third eye to our visions and dreams. It is said to encourage women to connect with the divine feminine within and assist intuitive development.
  • Lavender – calms the mind, relieving stress, and tension. It is a natural relaxant used to promote tranquillity, peace, and healing while also being an antidepressant used to alleviate stress, anxiety, or nervousness to bring back sound sleep, and relax your mind and body into tranquillity and stillness.
  • White Sage – the undertone, bringing the spice of purification, strength, and protection. It works to promote your inner intent and cast away anything unwanted for you and your space.

When smudging and burning sage, with our botanical smudge stick, you only need to slightly light the tip of one end, meaning you get the maximum use and results when you smudge. Quickly and gently blow out the flame so it reveals the orange smoldering embers and not a flame. This method will ensure the safest approach and produce a good amount of cleansing smoke. To view our video on how to use your Botanical Smudge Stick please click here How to use a Botanical Video.

We always recommend you use a suitable smudging bowl like the Lavish Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz with its special grip arm that allows you to manage the ash, and your smudge and provides our fire-proof smudging quartz for extinguishing.

Instruction Card and Positive Affirmation Smudging Chant

Our Botanical Smudge Stick includes instructions and a Positive Affirmation Smudging Chant for you to confirm your intentions, so you know how to energetically clear your space with sage.


  • Approximate Size: 20cm (L) x 4cm (W) x 10cm (Top W)
  • Box Dimensions: 24cm (L) x 9cm (H) x 16.5cm (W)
  • These are handmade and variations of shape and size occur


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