Vibrant Souls Charcoal DisksVibrant Souls Charcoal Disks
Vibrant Souls Charcoal DisksVibrant Souls Charcoal Disks
Vibrant Souls Charcoal DisksVibrant Souls Charcoal Disks

Charcoal Disks with Tongs

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Vibrant Souls Charcoal Disks are a convenient, compact jar of 8 disks for activating and smoldering Incense, Resins, or our Floral Smudge Blend. Included are beautiful gold mini tongs which are perfectly designed to hold the charcoal disk while it’s activated and to help place it into your holder.

Hold your charcoal disk with the tongs, light with matches, or lighter from the bottom then place one of the Charcoal Disks on a heatproof surface or within a dish like our Brass Incense Burner, Petite Incense BurnerLavish Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz or Classic Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz.

If you want to use it as a source for burning offerings, like our Floral Smudge Blend, then you just light the edge of the charcoal disk until it begins to sparkle, and once alight place a small amount of your offering or powdered incense on top of the disk.

A burning Charcoal Disk should always be left in a safe place to burn out and cool unless you want to extinguish it by immersing in a container of cool water. To watch a video on how to use your charcoal disk please click here How to use a Charcoal Disk Video

Warning – After the charcoal block has been lit, do not handle it as it may cause burns. Do not dispose of the ash remains in a waste paper basket as this may cause a fire. Do not hold the charcoal tablet with your hands when lighting or burning. Always keep an eye on pets and children and safeguard them from the disks as they may cause harm or be a choking hazard.

  • 8 Disks per Jar
  • Disk Dimensions: 1.5cm (H) x 4cm (W)
  • Jar: 12cm (H) x 8cm (W)
  • Tongs: 3cm (H) x 12cm (L) x 1.5 (W)


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