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Is it safe to Smudge around your Pets ?

Vibrant Souls | The VS Vibe - Smudging with Pets
Do you know your fur & feathered family members can feel the energy just as much as you, if not more?


How often do you hear people say their dog or cat just knew something was “off”, “wrong”, or about to happen?


One question we often get asked is, “Is it safe to smudge around my pets?”


The answer is YES with Vibrant Souls products, it absolutely is.



Us and Smudging with Pets


If you have been following us on on Facebook, or Instagram you may have seen our Gorgeous Goofy Benson (Old English Sheepdog) & Crazy Clinger Topaz (Indian Ringneck Parrot) – they sure do add color and craziness to our world!


Trust us when we say, we know how important cleansing the energy in your environment is, not only for you but for your fur-babies as well.



Quality and Authenticity of Materials


Where and how the elements in your smudge sticks are sourced is very important. This is a product that you, and your family members and pets are breathing in while you smudge. You need to know that they are free from chemicals during their growing stage as well as production, shipping, and storage.


So much of the sage imported into Australia comes from China, not California. It’s called California White Sage on the packaging, but where and how is it grown is not clearly marked. We have done a blog on this very subject, please feel free to read it here Why it’s so important to know your using Quality Sage



There’s no Time like Now !


Spring clean away, purify your atmosphere, disperse any negativity in your life and give you and your treasured fur and feathered family members the feeling of being revitalized and uplifted. When you smudge with Vibrant Souls Products you can feel confident that you are using beautiful, chemical-free, ethically harvested products – after all, it’s all about energy and Enriching the Inner You.



Love & White Light
the Vibrant Souls Team



Our Products and the Environment

Where possible, our products are all-natural, ethically sourced, and harvested materials.


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