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Vibrants Souls Incense Information

Vibrant Souls Incense Information is all about us letting you select the right form and combination of incredible incense, the scents on offer and the sustainability of our sticks and cones in this range.

Incense is renowned worldwide, over the centuries, for its use in ceremonies as well as for its spiritual benefits and therapeutic cleansing.

We hope to help everyone by sharing this Incense Information and making it easy for all.

Benefits of Incense

Burning incense improves sleep quality, relieves stress, is a natural air freshener and deodorizer and of course the smudging benefits of cleansing the space and occupants energy.

Along with the physical and mental benefits, you can use smoking incense for tracing chi throughout your space and rectify any pooling energy to dispel it.


Our Incense products are all sourced directly from India and are hand-rolled promoting local labour and industry.

Each is derived from natural pure extracts, fine scented oils and held together by sandalwood oil and a number of other fragrant gums as a chemical-free alternative which also decreases the burn rate to ensure the incense lasts longer.

Incense Scent

Below is the select range of scent Vibrant Souls has chosen:

Dragon’s Blood – sweet and soft, slightly amber-like but more natural and less sticky/sweet-smelling to create a relaxing mood.

Nag Champa  – a sweet, slightly woodsy smell that many people describe as neutralising and calming.

Rose  – a soft rose floral scent that is said to gently alleviate anxiety and depression and correct hormonal imbalances.

Super Hit – a masala based fragrance that creates a deep meditative atmosphere and has a musky sweetness with a flowery top note. It settles but lifts a room.

Incense Burning Instructions

The following Incense Information is a basic guide only, please always ensure all safety measures p[ossible are taken to mitigate the risk of fire.

Place your Incense Cone on the burning base provided and on a protective non-flammable surface. This will ensure good drafting and burning of your incense cone as well as offer a heat barrier.

Place your Incense Stick within a burner, holder, sand and on a protective non-flammable surface. We often use our Classic Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz or Lavish Smudge Bowl with Smudging Quartz.

Light the tip of the incense until it can sustain a flame itself and the tip is glowing red. Allow another 10 seconds and then gently blow the flame out – your cone should remain smouldering and start generating the beautiful scented smoke desired.

To extinguish you’re burning incense either smother in sand or place in water however water may damage the product and render it unusable afterwards.

Smudging Collections

Vibrant Souls Collections are a combination of complementary products beautifully assembled to work with each other:

More Smudging Products

Vibrant Souls also offer the following in our Smudging range:


Our Products and the Environment

Where possible, our products are all-natural, ethically sourced, and harvested materials.

Just for You

Should you desire a custom collection for your wedding, gifts, special events, or other ceremonies then please email or contact us so we can fulfil your dreams. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

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